Event Details, Sentius Twins, New Prime Core, And More This Weekend On Transformers Earth Wars!

This weekend’s event will be an Alliance Totaliser event where you can earn some new crystals, premium shards, and Prime Core shards! Read on for more details!

This event, called “Defcon Two”, will be a 60 prestige alliance event! We also get our first look at the newest prime core, the Quintus Prime core! Check out the pics below for the event information from Space Ape:

I should note that the Prime Protector Crystals contain a possibility of getting a two star Sentius Twin. I guess the premium status of that bot has been dropped now.
We also get a new Halloween challenge battle and Gnaw is available in bundles for the first time. Be advise though, it only gets you a chance at Gnaw, not a guaranteed Gnaw.

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