Devastating! Studio Series Official Images From MCM London Comic-Con

Fresh from the Transformers presentation at MCM London Comic-Con, Hasbro has released official images of the newest Studio Series reveals!
Simultaneously posted on the Hasbro Pulse Instagram account and on the Hasbro Twitter feed, this batch of figures includes our first look at Deluxe Shatter, a redeco of The Last Knight Deluxe Cogman, and a trio of devastating Decepticons.

Deluxe Class Shatter from the Bumblebee movie features a stunning robot mode, changing into her land-based Plymouth Satellite vehicle mode. Like Dropkick from the same line, she does not have a third mode. Deluxe Class Cogman is a clean silver redeco of the Premiere Edition figure released last year, with no discernible mold changes.

Deluxe Class Scrapmetal, Voyager Class Rampage, and Voyager Class Long Haul represent the first Constructicons in the Studio Series line. Announced to be able to form parts of Devastator, these mechanical monsters from Revenge of the Fallen are but the first to pull your wallet into their vortex.
Long Haul is slated for Fall of 2019, while the rest of the reveals are slated for Spring.
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