Brazil is feeling the buzz for the Bumblebee movie!

Even more than a month away, the buzz for December’s eagerly-awaited Bumblebee movie by Travis Knight is getting stronger, and can be felt around the world. shares a pretty cool Bumblebee movie diorama in Brazil, featuring our yellow-and-black hero in a promotional event sponsored by Hasbro and Ri Happy. Marking the launch of the Bumblebee movie toyline, the event took place simultaneously  in Saoulo, Recife and Salvador.
Inaddition to the launch and a fan-made custom display featuring a memorable scene from the trailer, the event featured freebies like buttons, balloons, papercraft items, and popcorn in themed containers. The ID2 Design Agency came up with the neat diorama display, which allows people to get behind the wheel of everyone’s favorite VW Beetle. Some of the photos from the site are mirrored here to give you a quick look at the event.

This December’s Bumblebee movie  promises something for every kind of Transformers fan, so it’s pretty cool to see everyone so into it. What promotions are theaters, fan groups, and the like doing in your area? Let us knkw on the Allspark Discord server, on the Allspark Forums, and on the Allspark Facebook group!