WFC: Siege, Blue Big Convoy, Bumblebee movie, and more in new Figure King scans

Loopaza Mega Store on Facebook shares a new set of scans from issue 248 of Figure King, with the usual great photography making upcoming Transformers look like a million bucks.
There’s a great group shot of the figures in the first wave of the upcoming War for Cybertron chapter, Siege. Then there’s nice looks at the Encore Blue Big Convoy due in February, some Studio Series and Bumblebee movie figures like the KSI Sentry, ROTF Starscream, Bee himself and Legendary Optimus Prime, some miniature G1 figures, and POTP Punch/Counterpunch (who will be part of Takara’s Power of the Primes line).

There’s something for everyone. The next few months are going to be expensive, but hey — it never ends! Let’s talk Transformers on the Allspark Discord Server, at the Allspark forums, and on the Allspark Facebook group!