Triple XP Solo Event Coming This Weekend to Earth Wars And More!

This weekend’s event for Transformers Earth Wars is an individual event where you can earn both 3 and 4 star shards while earning Triple XP! Also each prestige will give you a Twin Crystal!

As in all Triple XP events, all zones will give you the same amount of points, 10 maximum but an average of 9 in reality, and require 60 points per prestige with 60 prestiges in the event. Check out the event information from Space Ape below:

I should note that this event will be impossible for free to play players to finish. Most will only be able to get around halfway through the event.
While some of us are disappointed in the big reveal of the mysterious saga this week, a source close to Space Ape has informed us that the new bots will be available to win in the Leaderboard event the following weekend. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.
Finally, while I usually don’t cover bug fixes, I thought that this one needed to be mentioned:

A welcome and long awaited change for these two iconic bots! Discuss all of this and more in our Earth Wars thread, on our Discord Server, @AllsparkNews on Twitter, or our Facebook group!