Transformers: Cyberverse Episode 4, “The Journey”, Available on YouTube

The fourth episode of Transformers: Cyberverse was released on YouTube today, just a day after its initial airing. While Hasbro has released My Little Pony: Equestria Girls content free to view in a delayed fashion on YouTube and other series via paid season passes, they now appear to be releasing Cyberverse free on YouTube as a regular distribution channel.
Episode 4 features the Autobots’ continued search for energon and the Allspark in deep space.
While the episode was released to Xfinity OnDemand boxes in August, it only reached television and other services yesterday. The YouTube video is also not region-locked, unlike most official television content released to the service, including Hasbro’s.

You can watch the episode above, and see Hasbro’s playlist to catch up on any episodes you’ve missed. As always, you can also discuss the episode or join our general Cyberverse cartoon discussion on the Allspark forums, or start a conversation in our Discord server or Facebook Group.
But uh … it’s Tele-traan 1, Optimus.