Tomica “The Last Knight” Optimus Prime and Bumblebee coming soon!

Takara Tomy have produced Tomica diecast vehicles for so long it feels like they’ve done them all. But as one might expect, there are always more to do. For one thing, they’re no stranger to Transformers vehicles, as recent releases like the Transformers Dark of the Moon and Transformers Prime ones show.
And indeed, there’s a new pair of Tomica vehicles due out on September 15, commemorating 2017’s 10th-anniversary movie, Transformers: The Last Knight. These feature Optimus Prime in his Western Star 5700XE altmode, and Bumblebee in his 2016 custom Chevrolet Camaro altmode from the movie. (No confirmation on whether or not this Bee comes back together after being blown apart.)

While they’re due on September 15, you can get them online at Takara Tomy Mall or and beat the rush. Each will run you about Y600 (about $5.38).
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