The Spark in Review: September 28, 2018

The Spark in Review is the week’s news at Allspark in wholly unconvincing combined vehicle form. This week, Paramount released Bumblebee movie trailers, TakaraTomy revealed LG-EX Big Powered, Wizards of the Coast revealed new Transformers TCG characters, and we’re all keeping an eye on next weekend’s New York Comic Con.

Toy News and Reveals:
The most surprising bit of toy news this week came yesterday at the All Japan Model and Hobby Show, where TakaraTomy unveiled their LG-EX Big Powered, a generous retooling of Titans Return Misfire, Twin Twist, and Sky Shadow to not only represent Dai Atlas, Roadfire, and Sonic Bomber, but can attach into a faithfully monstrous “combined vehicle” – though describing the machine with any further specificity than “vehicle” would be stretching. The Legends manga also continues with an LG-EX Blue Big Convoy chapter at TakaraTomy Mall.
For more generally accessible figures, Figure King scans offered a new look at Bumblebee movie and War for Cybertron figures, while listings seem to indicate a War for Cybertron Ratchet (three guesses who such a figure might be retooled from). On the movie universe side, Studio Series listings have appeared for Cogman and Hightower. It will be interesting to see whether Cogman follows his The Last Knight release’s model in adapting him to Deluxe scale and an alternate form or some other strategy.
We released our gallery and review of Power of the Primes Punch-Counterpunch.
Finally, one more strange promotional exclusive figure to add to the long list appeared in the form of’s Red Knight, a Chinese retail mascot recreated from Age of Extinction Galvatron.
Outside Transformers, Sentinel have revealed their RIOBOT Grendizer and Spazer, adapting one of the more distinctly hokey giant robot concepts of the 1970s into a sleek and stylish – and transforming! – design and articulated figure, while Playmates have set an October 1 launch date for the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toyline.
Comics, Games, and Media:
IDW have released their shipping list for October 3 and the full preview of Star Trek vs. Transformers #1. They’ve also announced their signing schedule and panels as well as exclusives for next weekend’s New York Comic Con 2018. We probably won’t be hearing just yet about the Transformers reboot plans.
Reactions ranging from war whoops to groans and muttering erupted from the Transformers fandom with the launch of the Bumblebee movie trailer, packaged in differing blends for different markets with different included footage and preceded slightly by a teaser trailer from Paramount Taiwan with a still different selection. The new material gives emphatic credence to the advertised intended character, story, and family-viewing focused content of the film – the Taiwan teaser includes a scene that closely echoes one from The Iron Giant – while some apparent flashback footage set on Cybertron seems to position the movie into a closer relationship to the original cartoon and a weaker one with the Michael Bay movies than expected.
Meanwhile, in other Bumblebee news, Transformers: Cyberverse released its fourth episode to YouTube just a day after airing.
In gaming, the Transformers TCG from Wizards of the Coast has continued to roll reveal new material in the lead-up to its release today. Wheeljack was revealed alongside booster packs’ worth of action cards, followed by Deadlock, the original Decepticon form of Drift.
In the video kind of games, Transformers: Earth Wars has launched event details for another solo event this weekend. Forged to Fight creators Kabam have also introduced Emma Frost into their Marvel Contest of Champions.
In one last bit of gaming news outside the Transformers sphere and on a somewhat somber note, The Walking Dead game creators Telltale Games are in the process of disbanding after a hard year of poor sales.
Regular Items:
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