Takara Legends LG-EX Big Powered Revealed!

The 58th Annual All Japan Model and Hobby Show is currently happening at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan, and TakaraTomy has just revealed a wild new Transformers Legends figure at the show!

Japanese hobby site Dengeki Hobby has published a report on TakaraTomy’s display at the event including a grey prototype labeled LG-EX Big Powered!

As the ever-helpful TFWiki explains, Big Powered is the combined form of the three Autobot Dai Atlas, Sonic Bomber, and Roadfire from the 1990 Japanese toyline Transformers: Zone. In that line’s accompanying fictional storyline, the three Autobot Powered Masters utilized their combined form Big Powered to defeat the eldritch leader Decepticon alien Violen Jiger. Entries in Hayato Sakamoto’s accompanying online and pack-in stories for Transformers Legends revived the Zone theme earlier this year by classifying the G1 Autobots Topspin and Twin Twist as Zone-style Powered Masters.
It appears that Legends LG-EX Big Powered utilizes the Titans Return Twin Twist mold on top, the Titans Return Sky Shadow / Overlord in the middle and bottom rear, and the Titans Return Misfire mold in the bottom front. The first mold, probably serving as Roadfire, certainly fits Hayato Sakamoto’s story theming for LG65 Targetmaster Twin Twist. The second mold, probably serving as Dai Atlas, lends credence to fan speculation that the Sky Shadow tooling has an alternate head as Dai Atlas. Lastly, the third mold’s aerial alt-mode suggests it will serve as Sonic Bomber.

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