Punch/Counterpunch In Hand Gallery!

Snakas from Autobase Aichi has brought us an in-hand gallery of the Power of the Primes Deluxe Class Punch-Counterpunch. Read on for the crisp, quality photos within!

Autobot Aichi shared the new photos in this blog post, mirroring a gallery posted by Clement Soh Photography from Singapore, giving us a detailed look at the last new mold from the Prime Wars Trilogy, the Autobot spy Punch-Counterpunch, who is also packaged with a translucent version of Prima Prime.
Punch-Counterpunch is available on Amazon for pre-order.
Check out the delightfully high quality image gallery of Punch-Counterpunch below, then join the discussion in our official Power of the Primes toyline thread, in our Discord server, or in the Facebook group!