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POTP Punch/Counterpunch is NOT misassembled

Do not adjust your set, OR your toy.

While reports from sites initially seemed to indicate that the special Price Wars exclusive Punch/Counterpunch figure was misassembled, a detailed explanation from Redditor and Allspark Discord user Exastiken points out that this apparently isn’t the case. The toy is properly assembled, although the modification discussed elsewhere does grant a slightly easier transformation.
Exastiken writes:

“Some folks over at Seibertron and TFW2005 are claiming PCP is arriving with his shoulder joint misassembled and are fixing him. While the clearance does improve a bit, it was not a misassembly in the first place. I’ll explain below.
So when transforming to car mode, yellow and blue tabs on his inner shoulder and outer shoulder (the car panel) are pretty close by default. But by pressing down a little bit more, the tabs will separate more, allowing the transformation to continue.
However, since not everyone knows this, some people have instead opened up PCP to try to transform him better. They are taking the shoulder joint, which is assembled flat-side down and round-side up, and flipping it so that it is round-side down and flat-side up. This supposedly helps with the tab separation. The fixers claim that PCP’s shoulder was mis-assembled the wrong way up before the fix.
HOWEVER, this is not correct. PCP has always had the shoulder joint with the round-side up and flat-side down in all stock photos by Hasbro and Takara. It comes correctly assembled, it’s just that the shoulder fix just makes PCP more convenient to transform.
This is not meant to deter those who wish to make the modification, as it’s up to you. I just wanted to clarify and give a heads-up on the situation.”

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