Netflix Releases Masters Of The Universe Documentary “The Power Of Grayskull”!

This past weekend, Netflix has release a 95 minute documentary on Masters Of The Universe called, “The Power Of Grayskull”.

Originally released in 2017 after a successful Kickstarter campaign, this 95 minute documentary has finally been released on Netflix this past weekend.
Looking over the documentary, it discusses the entirety of the franchise. It goes far beyond the coverage of even what the Toys that Made Us: Masters of the Universe episode covered. Everything from the conception, to the toyline launch all the way to the longest running line in the franchise, the Classics series, is discussed in detail by the people working on it all. With the original designers, engineers, voice actors, film stars, writers, and artists, this documentary is the most in-depth look we will ever have at the creation of this iconic franchise.
Check out the trailer below, and check out the full documentary on Netflix now!

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