MPM-7 Bumblebee Announced As An Amazon Exclusive

Through Hasbro’s official Transformers Facebook page, we’ve received news on Hasbro’s release plans for the upcoming Masterpiece Movie Bumblebee figure! And perhaps unsurprisingly for the collector oriented MP line, you shouldn’t be looking for him at a retailer near you…
As you may have surmised from our headline, this new Masterpiece Movie version of Bumblebee (modeled after his appearance in the upcoming Bumblebee movie) will be an exclusive to the online shopping giant Amazon. In addition to this news, Hasbro’s Facebook post also shouts out the toy’s use of die-cast parts, licensed Volkswagen Beetle alternate mode, heavy paint apps, and 25 points of articulation. The post also shows four new, official pictures of the toy, which we have reposted below.

Given that the Masterpiece line typically aims at a more niche, hardcore collector audience, it’s little surprise that this figure would end up a retailer exclusive. Past MP releases from Hasbro usually ended up being exclusive to online or, in the case of the previous MPM Bumblebee, specialty retailers like the now defunct Toys R Us. Though there have been delays with them fulfilling all their orders by the release date, hopefully the relatively wide availability of the three Amazon exclusive Prime Wars Trilogy deluxes sets a good precedent for how easy this figure will be to obtain!
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