Metroplex Debuts in the Transformers Trading Card Game

Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast have finally officially revealed the details of the Metroplex set which will be played with the upcoming Transformers Trading Card Game that’s being released later this month on September 28th in the US, and later in the year in other regions.
If you missed it, the TRANSFORMERS Trading Card Game is a quick-playing trading card game where players build a team of TRANSFORMERS character cards (which are twice the size of standard playing cards) alongside a customizable deck of Battle Cards to fight against one another. By using your Battle Cards and strategically switching your characters from bot mode to alt mode and back, players can win the fight with their favorite Transformers team.

METROPLEX Deck – The METROPLEX Deck contains the cards for one player to bring the Titan METROPLEX into the TRANSFORMERS Trading Card Game experience. It features the METROPLEX, SCAMPER, SIX-GUN, and SLAMMER character cards and a 40-card deck of battle cards including three battle cards–Rally the City, Height Advantage and Protected by Metroplex—not available in the AUTOBOTS Starter Set or the TRANSFORMERS Trading Card Game Booster Packs. The METROPLEX Deck will be available for purchase at retailers in the United States beginning on Nov. 21, 2018, and in certain other markets later in 2018.
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You can view the official press release below, and if you want more information on the game, be sure and check out our YouTube videos featuring an interview with the project manager, Drew Nolosco as well as a look at some of the upcoming cards.

PAWTUCKET, RI AND RENTON, WA–SEPT. 7, 2018 – Hasbro, Inc., a global play and entertainment company, and Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro and the publishers of the seminal trading card game Magic: The Gathering, provided more details today about the METROPLEX Deck, the first expansion for the TRANSFORMERS Trading Card Game.
“The character METROPLEX is a Titan – he converts into an entire city and towers over most of the other giants of the TRANSFORMERS universe. Keeping that in mind, we knew that METROPLEX deserved an even bigger card than the game’s standard oversized character cards,” said Drew Nolosco, TRANSFORMERS Trading Card Game Brand Manager. “The METROPLEX character card is 200mm tall – almost 8 inches. Whether in bot mode or alt mode, METROPLEX is one of the biggest TRANSFORMERS characters around, and now he has a suitably Titan-sized trading card.”
The METROPLEX Deck will see the AUTOBOT Titan enter the TRANSFORMERS Trading Card Game’s ranks for the first time, but he won’t be alone. During the game, players will be able to use the METROPLEX character card to deploy his three component bots: SCAMPER, SLAMMER, and SIX-GUN.

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