In Hand Images Of Takara Tomy MP-10G Golden Lagoon Optimus Prime / Convoy!

Via Weibo, comes an extensive in hand gallery of in hand images for the upcoming Golden Lagoon Optimus Prime / Convoy. Decoed up in gold chrome, gold paint and plastic, this version of the MP-10 mold appears to be its final use before the arrival of Takaras third Masterpiece Prime.

From Weibo user 蓝色正午 comes an impressive set of images, showing off this flashy figure in all his golden glory. Both modes have been snapped from every angle, in order to highlight the mix of gold chrome and paint used to represent the Electrum coated Autobot Leader as he appeared in the cartoon, after having taken a dip in the titular golden lagoon. It also provides a comparison to the original MP-10, as well as golden Prime pulling the originals trailer. Lastly, the image with the red circle shows that caution is advised to avoid paint chipping.
Check out the images below and see what you think.

if this is the final use of the MP-10 mold before the release of Takara Tomys third iteration of Masterpiece Optimus Prime, then it’s certainly going out with a bang!
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