I Like to Make Stuff Makes a Custom Soundwave Speaker System

The maker YouTube channel I Like to Make Stuff covers builds from practical household amenities to cosplay and from home-grown workshop craft to 3D printing. The latest video details how to construct a Soundwave boombox case for a Bluetooth speaker system!

This isn’t the first foray into the world of Transformers for Bob Clagett and his channel – he’s previously created a replica Matrix of Leadership and a lights-and-sound-empowered Ion Blaster, both scaled for human hands.
In this case, the build starts with vector tracing a photo of his original Soundwave toy and CNC milling, but Clagett emphasizes that there are many ways to tackle the build and alternative routes along the way, while a lot of the same techniques will apply. The finished product looks like a handsome functional display piece to serve as a speaker system for a nerdy workshop or game room.

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