Don’t forget: The Transformers: The Movie is back in theaters September 27 only!

Just in case you haven’t been counting down the days until the 1986 animated movie returns to theaters, heads up: September 27 is a week away!
Fathom Events is bringing back The Transformers: The Movie for a limited one-day screening on Thursday, September 27, in select US theaters. You can check to see if a theater near you is one of them, and get tickets from there as well if you’d like to go.
It’ll be more than just experiencing the hair-metal big-screen 80s extravaganza, too. There’ll be a brand-new interview with soundtrack artist Stan Bush, and a look behind the scenes at the making of this December’s Bumblebee movie as well!
If you’re going and want to hang out, or just want to talk about the 1986 movie, drop us a line on the Allspark Discord Server, at the Allspark forums, and on the Allspark Facebook group!