Cyclonus Flies into Transformers: Forged to Fight!

Kabam has announced that Cyclonus, second-in-command to Galvatron, has made his way into Transformers: Forged to Fight! Continue reading for a brief video showcase and details on Cyclonus’s in-game abilities.

Kabam’s press release explains his abilities and stats. You can check out Cyclonus’s complete game stats breakdown, as well as gameplay tips, here on the Forged to Fight website. Join the Forged to Fight conversation here in our forums! Or jump right into the live chat on our Discord server or our Facebook group!


Faction: Decepticon | Class: Tactician
Resurrected by the same dark energies as his master Galvatron, Cyclonus leads a mighty armada provided by Unicron himself. Loyal, patient, and skilled, Cyclonus is ultimately the counterbalance to Galvatron’s chaotic rule.
Stats and Abilities:

  • Health: 1907
  • Attack: 149
  • Max Rating: 544


  • Health: 4,682
  • Attack: 315
  • Max Rating: 1,294


  • Health: 12,169
  • Attack: 800
  • Max Rating: 3,520

Signature Ability – Dark Servitude
Pledging loyalty to Unicron has imbued Cyclonus with unimaginable power.

  • Dark Burns inflicted by the Dark Field deal 20~120% more damage.

Special Attacks:
Special 1 – Cosmic Edge
A blade, honed and deadly as its wielder.

  • 100% Armor Piercing.

Special 2 – Galaxy Gun
A blast of cosmic proportions.

  • 100% chance the last hit of this attack is Unblockable.

Special 3 – Interstellar Ride
Cyclonus takes a precisely calculated trip through the center of his opponent.

  • Cyclonus gains Dark Energy and begins to automatically pulse the Dark Field for 10 seconds.

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