Celebrate The 34th Anniversary Of The Original G1 Cartoon Series!

Today marks the 34th anniversary of the cartoon series that helped start this franchise that has had a huge impact on Children of all ages since 1984!

I still remember being 4 years old, stretched out on the small living room floor, staring at my folks’ huge 20″ color console tv, watching cartoons every weekday. GI JOE, MOTU, Thundercats, and my favorite show, Transformers! The iconic characters, the wonderful voice acting, great music, and of course, that wonderful transformation sound. Admit it, you just made that sound either in your head or perhaps even out loud.

The series was made by Hasbro as part of a very successful three part marketing campaign that they had previously done with GI JOE. The cartoon series was, like the GI JOE series, was made by Sunbow Productions, and even had a few cross over characters later on in season three.

The Transformers TV series debuted with the first part of a three part mini-series on a Monday afternoon 34 years ago today, with the next two parts airing on the following days. A few weeks later the first season consisting of 13 more episodes would air on Saturday mornings for the next couple of months. A year long wait for season two had kids everywhere watching reruns and recorded copies on VHS until season two would air with enough episodes to bring the show into syndication, thus keeping children entertained until the feature film came out the following summer.
The TV series, while not streaming on any of the big streaming sites, is available on DVD. You can help out the Allspark by buying the complete series on DVD from Amazon.
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