Allspark Art Showcase of the Week for September 8th 2018

Good morning Allspark! It’s 0600 hours, do you know where your scraplets are? This week’s Allspark Art Showcase hails from our Discord server, where user infinitedynamics has been serving up a series of redesigns for an upcoming fan project.

Allspark Discord user infinitedynamics has been building up a revised cast of Transformers mainstays like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Ratchet, based on G1 character designs while integrating elements of later renditions, for a planned Transformers “remake”, and has shared concept and reference art with our Discord community. See the Bumblebee below – personally, I can’t get enough of those unapologetically retro upper arms and legs! – but also check out our #art-pics-customs-etc channel on our Discord server for more, as well as infinitedynamics’ Deviantart page.

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