Wheeljack Invents His Way onto the Battlefield in Forged to Fight

Kabam introduced Wheeljack today in Transformers: Forged to Fight, and the Autobot scientist comes with his own quirky and inventive play style. Check out Kabam’s sizzle reel for the character and artwork and see his stats and abilities here.

Wheeljack’s unpredictable nature and drive to experiment have been translated into a set of abilities with unpredictable but potentially match-shifting buffs and debuffs. See the video, character stats, and artwork below, and check out his Intel Report on the Forged to Fight website for synergies and match-ups. Then come share your thoughts on Wheeljack and Forged to Fight in the Forged to Fight thread on our forums, or start a conversation in our Discord server or Facebook Group!


Faction: Autobot
Class: Tech
Brilliant and eccentric, Wheeljack is both mechanical engineer and daredevil inventor for the Autobot forces. Despite their sometimes unexpected results, Wheeljack’s inventions have saved his allies countless times.



  • Health: 1557
  • Attack: 137
  • Max Rating: 562


  • Health: 3823
  • Attack: 287
  • Max Rating: 1309


  • Health: 9936
  • Attack: 744
  • Max Rating: 3525


  • Each time Wheeljack Transforms he begins to Construct a random Upgrade for 4 seconds. [Max 3 Upgrades]
  • If Wheeljack Is struck by a Critical Melee Hit while Constructing, the Construction Fails and the Upgrade is lost.


  • Defensive Upgrade: 10~20% Damage Resistance and increases to the chance Special Attacks will inflict Stun by 20%.
  • Offensive Upgrade: 15~30% Attack Rating and increases the chance Special Attacks will inflict Shock by 20%.
  • Power Upgrade: 10~20% Power Rate and increases the chance Special Attacks will inflict Power Leak by 20%.
  • If Wheeljack is struck by a Melee Critical Hit from a Special or Heavy Attack the newest Upgrade constructed will be removed.


  • If Wheeljack Constructs 3 of the same Upgrade type he randomly Repairs between 10-20% of Max Health.

Wheeljack’s emergency Force Shield allows him to survive both potentially deadly attacks and catastrophic mishaps in the lab.
75%, 50%, 25% Health

  • if an enemy attack would reduce Wheeljack’s health below 75%, 50% or 25%, Force Shield will activate, reducing all damage from enemy attacks by 100% for 2~8 seconds.

Special 1 – Prototype
Wheeljack puts his latest invention to the test. What could go wrong?

  • 60% Chance to inflict Shock for 3 seconds.
  • 30% Chance to inflict Power Leak for 2 seconds.
  • 10% Chance to deal Stun for 3 second.

Special 2 – Iterate
Some improvements may be prudent.

  • Randomly Replaces all Upgrades.
  • 60% Chance to inflict Shock, 30% chance to inflict Power Leak, and 10% chance to inflict Stun.

Special 3 – Perfect
All outcomes meet the desired metrics for success.

  • All Upgrades become the same type as the first Upgrade.
  • 60% Chance to inflict Shock, 30% chance to inflict Power Leak, and 10% chance to inflict Stun.


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