Unicron of Light! New Stock Photos of Takara’s Encore Unicron Micron Aggregate Color Version!

TakaraTomy’s website has been updated to provide new pictures and a 360° turnaround of their upcoming Encore Unicron release. This new Unicron, is designed and decoed to resemble the Mini-Con-created Unicron of Light!

This glowing green duplicate of Unicron first appeared during the final battles of Transformers: Armada (or in Japan, Micron Densetsu) as an attempt by the Mini-Cons to battle the Chaos Bringer directly.

It has seen a brief toy release once before, as a Lucky Draw prize way back in 2004. However, this new Unicron is not a straight up remake of that figure. Check out our gallery below to get a good look at the new deco and clear plastics used to realise the glowing energy form of this “Heroic” Unicron.

Head on over to Takara’s website for the full 360 turnaround. Preorders for Encore Unicron Micron Aggregate Color Version are up on site sponsor TFSource and BigBadToyStore, priced at $199.99.
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