Triple XP Solo Event Coming To Transformers Earth Wars This Weekend And A New Prime Core!

This weekend’s event for Transformers Earth Wars is an individual event where you can earn prime core shards while earning Triple XP!

As in all Triple XP events, all zones will give you the same amount of points, 10 maximum but an average of 9 in reality, and require 50 points per prestige with 30 prestiges in the event. Check out the Event information from Space Ape below:

As always, Space Ape is giving you a new Prime core to spend those prime core shards on! This time around it is the Onyx Prime core! It increases regular attack damage and reduces damage taken when below 40% health. Check out the information below:

Which bots are you going to be leveling up this weekend? Did you get a new Prime core? Let us know in our Earth Wars thread, on our Discord Server, or our Facebook group!