Transformers The Game (2007) Beta Builds And Lost Levels!

Youtube channel GameHut has posted an interesting blast from the videogaming past. As they explore and show off unfinished Beta builds/cut levels from Activision’s 2007 movie tie-in Transformers The Game.

Released on consoles back in June of 2007, Transformers The Game saw players take control of the main Autobots and Decepticons from the first Live Action Transformers movie, as well as allowing you to play through the game following the events of the movie as the Autobots, or conquer the Earth as the Decepticons in an alternaye campaign.
GameHuts video shows an unfinished early version of the game that is, apparently, a Playstation 2 build dated as November 2006, almost a year prior to the games release. Starting at the 12:00 minute mark, the video covers such things as a designed, but ultimately never used, evil redeco of Bumblebee in his 1970s Camaro form. Unfinished versions of game levels such as Tranquility City for Bumblebee and an unused Qatar level for Scorponok. An early build Hoover Dam Internal level, as well as a very early build of the dropped Hoover Dam External level and a very rough version of the Cybertron.

The video also shows off some of the levels and unfinished cutscenes for the XBox 360 version of the game as well. Finally, GameHut also posted another video that focuses more on the unused Hoover Dam External Level, so check that out below.

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