The Spark in Review: August 10, 2018

The Spark in Review is the week’s news at Allspark in capsule form. This week, new stock photos from TakaraTomy showcased upcoming Masterpiece and Encore releases, some unexpected discarded Power of the Primes concepts were revealed, IDW finally confirmed the 2019 Transformers reboot, and we released a retrospective on Transformers: The Movie in advance of Fathom Events’ September screening.


Toy News and Reveals:
While it’s been a week of relative quiet for new information and reveals from War for Cybertron: Siege, Hasbro has teased that more reveals are coming at Toronto’s Fan Expo Canada at the end of the month, leaving us hoping for a peek at the line’s Decepticons.
Meanwhile, TakaraTomy has released stock photos of Encore Big Convoy and Masterpiece MP-20+ (anime) Wheeljack, as well as a turnaround view of MP-43 BW Megatron. Big Convoy, like previous Encore releases, sports a refined deco adjusted from his original release. Megatron remains a sight to behold in his unparalleled animation accuracy.
Availability of the three Prime Wars Trilogy Amazon exclusive Special Edition Deluxes (as well as the Wave 3 Prime Masters) has been rotating in and out since they hit Amazon. Punch-Counterpunch, Repugnus, and Blast-Off were all in stock on Tuesday and have returned to this status again today, with Punch-Counterpunch still in preorder state. Check out the listings if you’re still working to complete your set; they may not stay in stock long.
DNA Designs’ upgrade kit for Power of the Primes Predaking has been revealed in full color and does not disappoint, completing the Titan-class centerpiece of the Power of the Primes line.

One unexpected reveal of toys that might have been came from Hasbro’s latest “Leaked from Cybertron” video, in the form of early concepts for the Power of the Primes Leader Evolution gimmick before the team settled on the Matrix-empowered leader upgrades. Not only is an unconventional and fun vehicular combination gimmick included, but two of the vehicles involved appear to be the air-vehicle half of the concept design for Prima revealed at HASCON 2017, and a Starscream who shares his alternate mode with Star Saber.
Finally, in a bit of toy news not exactly about toys, a rebranding plan by the Lippincott brand strategy company has been revealed that was produced for Toys R Us in its final months, giving a hint of how the brand might have focused itself in the future if it had survived in the US, UK, and Europe. (Toys R Us of course still exists in Canada under new ownership and continues under existing management in Asia and elsewhere.)
Comics, Cartoons, and Media:
IDW have released their shipping list for August 15 and the full preview for Unicron #3. We released our spoiler-free review of the issue.
IDW President Greg Goldstein was interviewed by ICv2 about IDW’s current plans in comics, including the first official confirmation of the 2019 Transformers reboot. Also mentioned were the continuation of the TMNT series and a return of Jem and the Holograms and some specifics about IDW’s interaction with direct market vs. book sales. Separately, IDW announced this week the upcoming Magic: The Gathering: Chandra comic set to hit this fall, a new adventure focusing on Planeswalker Chandra Nalaar.
Looking more generally to the printed page, Amazon listings have revealed a pair of new books for young readers for the upcoming Bumblebee film. Meanwhile, Night Shining Inc., the force behind Pete’s Robot Convention and the Mutant & Monster Mayhem Toy Show, have released the first volume of Redman: Kaiju Hunter, now available through their website and at the MMM Toy Show this weekend.
In celebration of the 32nd anniversary of the theatrical release of Transformers: The Movie, and looking forward to Fathom Events’ September screening of the film, we released a retrospective on what for many of us might be one of the most memorable movie experiences of our childhoods.
In the wider galaxy outside Transformers, Patrick Stewart unexpectedly appeared at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention to announce, through a compelling speech about the value and meaning of Star Trek to him and to its fans, his role in a new CBS All Access series. Stewart will be returning to the part of Jean-Luc Picard to continue his story twenty years on, and in an unexpected direction.
In gaming news, Kabam’s Forged to Fight mobile fighter has introduced Wheeljack to the cast of combatants. Meanwhile, Space Ape Games has revealed its alliance event details for this weekend, including a special opportunity to acquire the new Waspinator and Tigerhawk characters.
Regular Items:
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