The Mutant & Monster Mayhem Toy Show announces exclusive Animal Warriors “Tezca Royal Guard” figure!

The Mutant & Monster Mayhem Toy Show will be held in Cincinatti from August 11 to 12, and already there’s an announcement of an exclusive for the show: a Tezca Royal Guard from the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom line! Show attendees will be the first to be able to preorder this $34.50 exclusive on August 12. There’s a limit of two figures per attendee (only 150 will be made), but every preorder also gets you an exclusive 11×17 print.

Pre-registration for the show is still open. Door admission is $10 for teens and adults on Sunday (kids under 12 are free), but preregistrants get an exclusive shirt and trading pin, as well as entry into a grand raffle, among other things. For more information, visit the convention’s website.
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