TFSource Has UW Devastator Reissue, UW Superion, And PP-43 Throne Of The Prime Optimus Primal Available For Pre-Order!

Site Sponsor TFSource has now launched their pre-orders for the upcoming Takara Tomy reissues of United Warriors Devastator and Superion as well as the upcoming PP-43 Primal Prime! Check below for links!

While all of these won’t come out until next year, they are available to pre-order now from TFsource:

Currently available for $224.99 with free shipping. Considering that loose sets of Combiner Wars Devastator go for almost this much on eBay, I am planning on pre-ordering one myself!

Listed for pre-order for $134.99. A great opportunity to get the classic Autobot combiner in the Takara Tomy colors!

Available for pre-order at $89.99. While previously a Hasbro SDCC exclusive, Takara Tomy will be offering this as part of their regular product line, giving those of us that missed SDCC a chance to get this awesome figure!
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