Redman: The Kaiju Hunter Volume 1 Now Available for Order!

The kaiju renaissance seems to be showing no signs of slowing. Redman: The Kaiju Hunter Volume 1, a new graphic novel based on the classic tokusatsu TV series, is now available from Night Shining Inc. Head over to their store for a limited offer, or if you’re headed to The Mutant & Monster Mayhem Toy Show this weekend be sure to check them out. We will see you there.


Volume 1 is 132 full color pages, featuring art by Matt Frank and colorist Gonçalo Lopes, now available for $18.99.


Night Shining is also offering a variety of Redman t-shirts for $24.00. The above design is only available briefly, with under 48 hours to go, so you might want to hurry.



Also available are these two collector pins, featuring Redman and a monster called Astron. Only 250 sets exist, and one set can be yours for $12.99.


Night Shining also offers Volume 1 and the pins in a bundle for $29.99, and a bundle of all these items for $49.99. And if you visit The Mutant & Monster Mayhem Toy Show this weekend you can find a convention exclusive sticker set.



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