Rare Beast Wars Packaging Art for Sale

A surprise piece of Transformers history has surfaced on Amazon. It’s a set of chromalin proofs for the packaging art used for Orchanoch, a Microverse playset from Beast Wars. Notably we can now see areas previously cropped off on the finished packaging, revealing just how much work went into this piece some 22 years ago. They don’t make packaging art like this anymore.

From the Amazon listing:

This listing is for a Transformers Beast Wars Orcanoch Killer Whale Maximals Playset box art prototype. These two pieces are Cromalins for the artwork that was used on the front of the box. They are on thick glossy paper and are full sized and not cropped like the box art. One is 9×12 the other is a tough bigger, both show some scratching and corner wear from use and both have marked changes and notations on them. These are amazing one of a king pieces for an already rare playset. One piece is marked August 1996 the other September 1996.

We still cannot see the entire artwork, at least on the chromalin shown. A portion remains covered by production notes of some sort. But the notes are interesting as well. These are not finished samples, but glimpses into some intermediate production stage. We rarely get to see a thing like this.
See the Amazon listing here. If you buy this set, let us know what’s on the still unseen second chromalin. You can chat with us in our Transformers forum, or in our Discord server.