Picture Surfaces of New Studio Series Bumblebee with Two Sets of Car Panels

The 15th figure in the Studio Series toyline is another Bumblebee for the upcoming Bumblebee Movie, but what sets this figure apart is the bevy of accessories it comes with!

Thanks to Allspark Discord user Final Frontier, we have a picture of an upcoming Studio Series Bumblebee. Studio Series #15 is another Bumblebee, but one that comes with not only a cannon arm and a figure of the leading actress of the Bumblebee Movie, Charlie, but an entire set of replacement car panels to convert his alt-mode from one car mode to another. While there are no pictures of the alternate car mode, it at least features an exposed engine and two possible spoiler options, lending itself to a more ‘hot rod’ appearance.
The picture, shown below, is of the figure in the packaging. There is no known price for this figure and it does not fit in any of the obvious assortments in shape or size.

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