More Images of MP Optimus Prime v 3.0, Legendary Optimus Prime and Movie Bumblebee Toys via Figure King Magazine

Thanks to the folks over at Hobbymizer Hong Kong Discuss Forums the most recent issue of Figure King Magazine scans show us some pictures of the upcoming TakaraTomy toys.

  • Legendary Optimus Prime: Similar to the Evasion Mode movie figure that was first used in Transformers: Age of Extinction, this toy looks to be of MP scale as it is shown connected to the MP Optimus Prime trailer.
  • Power Charge Bumblebee: This is the large scale Bumblebee figure from the upcoming movie with lights and sounds. As with most releases currently, there is no difference than the US Hasbro version.
  • MP Optimus Prime V3: Like previous reveals, these are still in the grey prototype phase so no full color images in this issue. However, we do get a look at the dynamic poses and articulation from this version which seems to really outdo the previous MP.
  • Siege On Cybertron: Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, Hound, Cog, Micromasters and  a prototype grey mold of Ultra Magnus. The Micromasters are displayed to scale next to a Primes Master armor figure.

Check out the images below.

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Credit: Hobbymizer Hong Kong Discuss (TF、機械人、人偶)