Massive Transformers Exhibition in Bogotá, Colombia

Colombian radio network Caracol reports that a massive Transformers exhibition is being held in Bogotá, Colombia until late September. “Massive” is quite literal: the Unicentro Bogotá shopping mall is hosting an eclectic exhibition of over 50 statues and animatronics including Transformers film franchise, Generation 1, and Rescue Bots characters, many of them large-scale at up to 4 meters (13 feet).

Thirteen of the statues are said to be animatronic. Caracol Radio refers to the event as the “largest” Transformers exhibition, and it may just qualify in sheer volume of Transformers likenesses, given the massive size of the displays. Gallery images show interpretive constructions of movie designs like Megatron, Optimus, The Fallen, and Jetfire seemingly built from metal scrap, a custom semi tractor in the form of Optimus’ first-movie alternate mode, a selection of apparently fiberglass-cast Rescue Bots, and a big, chunky G1 Megatron and Bumblebee almost reminiscent of the Robot Heroes miniatures line.
See the advertisement for the show below or check out the event page for details, then see Caracol Radio’s photo gallery or scroll down for our mirrored images below. Then come discuss this unexpected event on the Allspark Forums, our Discord server, or our Facebook group.