Flame Toys Shows Off The Artwork Of Devastators Manly Makeover!

Via their Twitter account, Flame Toys is showing off some concept artwork for their upcoming take on the Construction Combiner Devastator, as designed by TRIGGER artist Akira Amemiya.

First shown off at Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong earlier this year, the highly stylized Devastator figure is yet another Flame Toys figure based on design work by TRIGGER Animation artist Akira Amemiya, the man behind bombastic anime Gurren Lagann. Now we get to see Amemiyas concept artwork for the mighty combiner via Flame Toys Twitter feed.

Just like previous designs in Flame Toys Furai model kit line, Devastator has been given a hefty does of lithe super roboty stylization, while not losing his powerhouse nature.

Last but not least, here’s a reminder of the prototype reveal from ACGHK and this what this design will look like in three dimensions.

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