First Look at Hasbro’s Power Rangers: The Lightning Collection!

Via CNET, and Allspark member Paladin, we have learned that Hasbro‘s first Power Rangers figure, which was unveiled today at Power Morphicon, is none other than White Ranger Tommy Oliver!
Hasbro has announced their plans to make a Power Rangers toyline series known as The Lightning Collection.

Very much like Hasbro’s Marvel Legends and Star Wars The Black Series, The Lightning Collection is an anthology series 6-inch scale premium line aimed at collectors that promises to include the most show-authentic Power Rangers figures ever, with real world proportions, alternate unmorphed heads that utilize their Photo Real technology, and most importantly of all, include the Rangers’ weapons & accessories!

The Lightning Collection series figures will have a suggested retail price of $19.99 USD and is set to launch in stores Spring 2019.
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