David Sobolov Revealed as the Voice of Bumblebee Movie Blitzwing

David Sobolov, the voice of Beast Wars’ Depth Charge and Transformers Prime’s Shockwave, as well as recent incarnations of DC’s Lobo and Gorilla Grodd among a variety of other characters, has revealed himself as the voice of Blitzwing in the upcoming Bumblebee film.

Sobolov teased on Sunday that he was set to appear in the film, but couldn’t then yet reveal which character he portrayed. Now it’s official: Sobolov provides the voice of the villain Blitzwing!

Since early footage releases, the Blitzwing character was thought by many fans to be an unexpectedly redesigned rendition of the existing movie franchise character Starscream, but his true identity was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2018.
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