Cyberverse Warrior class Windblade gallery and mini-review!

The Cyberverse line is starting to gather steam in multiple locations, and in the Philippines the latest wave of Deluxes has brought new Warrior class characters to the line: Acid Storm and Windblade!
Windblade is a pretty cool figure, and might just be the most poseable of the Warrior class figures so far. Her “Cyclone Strike” action feature is located entirely in her wings, and the rest of the figure is unencumbered by it. To activate it in robot mode, you push down on the folded-back cockpit, pushing the front half of the wings up and making the turbines spin.

She’s got ball joint elbows, a bicep swivel, ball joint hips, a full wasit swivel, double hinge knees, and limited ankle articulation as well. Oddly, her head doesn’t seem to turn, although there seems to be a joint there.
Windblade doesn’t come with any separate weapons, sadly (she’s wielding an Iron Factory weapon here), but that seems to be par for the course for the Cyberverse Warrior class. That aside she’s actually quite similar in transformation to RID 2015 Windblade, but with a better head sculpt and balance despite the heavier wings. Maybe with some modding for the head to turn, one can make the most of this fairly expressive and dynamic figure. Great representation of the character, and a nice addition to the line overall!

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