Premiere Date For Transformers Cyberverse Announced With New Trailer!

The premiere date for the newest animated incarnation of Transformers has finally been announced! And the best part? You won’t have to wait much longer!
While we’ve already seen several clips from the upcoming animated series, in two separate clips posted by Cartoon Network on Youtube and at Hasbro’s San Diego Comic Con panel, a trailer posted by Entertainment Weekly, finally gives us a proper trailer for the show!

As had already been announced, the story of Transformers Cyberverse focuses on Bumblebee, the plucky yellow Autobot who in this new incarnation of the story has lost his memories and must work to regain them with the help of his fellow Autobot Windblade. What we hadn’t known before now is just how high the stakes for Bumblebee’s recovery are, as the other Autobots (including Optimus Prime!) seem to be missing, and Bumblebee is the only one who knows where they are! And of course, the evil Decepticons are also very interested in finding and destroying their enemies once and for all as well…
According to the article, Transformers Cyberverse will be hitting Cartoon Network September 1, just a little over a week from now! But if even that’s too long of a wait for you, don’t worry, because the show’s first episode will also be available on the Cartoon Network app even earlier, on August 27!
The article also lists several members of the show’s cast, which is largely made up of lesser known, non-union voice actors. Perhaps most surprisingly, Optimus Prime will not be voiced by his classic VA Peter Cullen, who originated the role in the 1980s and reprised it in the live action films and most subsequent media afterwards, but by Jake Tillman. His Decepticon opposite Megatron will be played by Marc Thompson. Other members of the cast include Jeremy Levy as Bumblebee, Ryan Andes as the (unusually well-spoken) Grimlock as well as Shockwave, Sophia Isabella as Windblade, Billy Bob Thompson as Starscream, and Deanna McGovern as the new character Shadow Striker.
Obviously this is a lot of information to take in all at once, so if you’re overwhelmed with excitement and/or blazing hot takes on this trailer, head on over to the Transformers Cyberverse discussion thread on the Allspark forums, or the official Allspark Discord server and share your thoughts!