Allspark Art Showcase of the Week for August 11th 2018

Goooooooood morning Allspark! Time for you to wake up, get up, get out there. It’s 0600 hours. What does the “O” stand for? Oh, my God, it’s early! It’s so early I’m not even awake yet! Speaking of early, let’s start this day off with our weekly tribute to the Allspark Art Showcase of the week.
For this week’s showcase we’re giving you another two-for, one in the form of a custom, and the other in the form of digital art.

First up is an illustration piece by Allspark member, amazing and super talented artist, Matt “Jackpot” Kuphaldt‘s piece “Rewind & Hubcap: I Have This Condition”!
This illustration piece is a homage to the film Memento‘s poster. After seeing the film, Jackpot asked himself “what if [a Transformers’s] memories stopped being written to hard disk, and they only had a few minutes’ worth of storage in RAM?”.
Check out his work below or view it here in our forums! Afterwards, don’t forget to let Jackpot know what you think of his work. And, be sure to watch him on DeviantArt too!

Next showcase piece just can’t help itself from being related to the first one, it’s a great custom by longtime Allspark member HeyMickey‘s Jackpot!

HeyMickey’s Jackpot was made using Power of the Primes Jazz. And wherever Jackpot is, his buddy Hubcap, isn’t too far behind.
Check out the custom below and click on the image to view it, along with some other awesome pictures, in our forums and let HeyMickey know what you think of their work!

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