A Look at Upgrade and Action Cards for the Transformers Trading Card Game

The Transformers Trading Card Game’s Facebook group has been showing off some upgrade and action cards, giving us a look at the variety that’s going to be available and just what these options add to the gameplay. This game continues to look more comprehensive with each reveal. Check them out.

Null-ray of Starscream, as its name suggests, is designed specifically to work with Starscream. It must be noted, though, that any character can use this card for a simple +1 attack bonus. It just has an extra effect when paired with Starscream.

Other upgrades will be type based rather than character based. This one’s only for the Cars, so look elsewhere if you’re building a Jet based deck.

Next we have Actions. Bombing Run is an example of an Action that, like some Upgrades, is entirely type specific. Only Planes get any use from this card.

Next is an Action that anyone can use, not limited to character or type. This one opens up a strategic option. A player might use this to sacrifice an already tapped out bot in exchange for an extra turn.
For information on the character cards these augment, see our video overview.

And for a look at the game as a whole, we have the most comprehensive interview about the game thus far.

What kind of deck will you be building? Join the ongoing discussion with us in our Transformers forum, or in our Discord server!