Unused 1983 design art shows the Bumblebee that never was

As we previously reported, Transformers fan James Eatock has been showing off preproduction art from the earliest days of the franchise on his Instagram account – and today’s entry, showing an incredibly early design for Bumblebee, is one of the most fascinating.

This design clearly comes from before the general artistic stylings of the series had been pinned down; it sports a far more loose inspiration from the Micro Change toy Bumblebee was based on, sporting four arms, a much more streamlined torso, “wings” formed from vehicle kibble on his back and a completely reimagined head with big insectoid eyes and antennae.
Interestingly, some of these elements would be used many years later for the Transformers movies’ version of Bumblebee, who famously sports door wings, movable head feelers, and an insectoid battle mask (the latter of which has taken on an even more bug-like look in the trailer for December’s Bumblebee movie).
As ever, you can keep updated either on James’s Instagram account or in our thread on the Allspark forums. Whether you think this early design looks silly or is a look at what should had been, you can join in on the discussion in that thread, and have your say in our Discord server!