Tom Scioli to create GoBots revival for IDW Publishing

Revealed today at SDCC, Tom Scioli – creator of the tripped-out, Jack Kirby inspired Transformers vs GI Joe – will be writing a comic based on the 80s “Challenge of the GoBots” cartoon and toyline!

Twitter user Comixace was the first to break the news from the IDW panel, which was confirmed by Scioli himself a shortly afterwards.

This revival is fairly surprising, given that GoBots are known to be something of a legal minefield – the various elements that make up the franchise are owned by Transformers owners Hasbro, cartoon publishers Warner Bros., and Hasbro’s rival Bandai, creators of the Machine Robo toys the GoBots were based on – but apparently this hasn’t stopped IDW from acquiring the license so that Scioli can render the classic toy-based designs in retro glory. Part of this may be due to Hasbro’s acquisition of the Power Rangers toyline, something which requires a friendlier working relationship with Bandai, who hold the toyline’s Japanese Super Sentai counterpart.

Though the art style was controversial for its often bizarre stylistic flairs and lack of concern with “realism”, Scioli’s Transformers vs. G.I. Joe is a cult favorite among Transformers fans for the sheer degree of imagination and creativity on display in its reimagining of the worlds of both franchises. He also brought the same aesthetic to DC’s Super Powers line as backups in the Cave Carson comics – both of which show that the long-unused world of the GoBots must be the perfect canvas for him to bring new life to.

Are you excited for this revival, or do you feel GoBots would be better left in the 80s, or merged into Transformers entirely? Give your thoughts in the GoBots discussion thread on our forums, or in the comics channel of our Discord server!