The Spark in Review: July 6, 2018

The Spark in Review is the week’s news in a form you can plug into any existing Titan Master or Prime Master accessory slot. This week’s news includes SDCC’s Optimus Primal, our retrospective on the Kronoform Multi-Force 14, character profiles for the upcoming Cyberverse cartoon, and the Bumblebee we never knew we never met.

Toy News and Reveals:
Optimus Primal is feeling just prime this week. SDCC’s exclusive Throne of the Primes Optimus Primal was leaked, revealed, and reviewed, presenting a Season-1-based color scheme for the Optimal Optimus mold and a new Prime-Master-compatible scepter accessory, as well as an elaborate throne display packaging element. Meanwhile, DNA Designs has shown off an unofficial kit that restores classic weapons and Optimal Optimus’ ground vehicle mode, meaning that whether the mold is Big-Bot or the Beast King of Eukaris to you, you’ve got some options for a somewhat more faithful rendition.
Meanwhile, in more mainline exclusives, Power of the Primes Nemesis Prime has been reviewed, and the US Amazon release date has been revealed as Amazon’s own Prime Day, July 16. Another elusive exclusive helping to close out Power of the Primes, Blast Off, has been spotted at Hong Kong retail. And while they’re not Power of the Primes toys per se, check out our gallery and review of the Street Fighter II X Transformers sets!
Studio Series continues apace with Deluxe Wave 2 appearing for preorder.

Finally, at least two reissues have been announced. First, “Vintage G1” Starscream seems to be following Hot Rod as an exclusive to Walmart and some online retailers, with indications of other figures to follow in this lineup like select minibots and Devastator. Second, Transformers Encore rolls forward with Armada Unicron, a short skip from the Car Robots molds just seen in Encore – but let’s hope with better quality control.
Outside Transformers – technically – TakaraTomy has (finally!) shown off the constituent vehicles and configurations of the Diaclone Battle Buffalo, as well as massive new mech for the Waruders utilizing four of the small Waruder suits among comparatively massive new parts, and what appears to be Microman’s Robotman – all snapped up in a series of photos by Dengeki Hobby. Meanwhile, we’ve released a retrospective on the Kronoform Multi-Force 14 set, a figure that represents this same breadth of Diaclone design and play experiences outside of the Car Robots sector that the current Diaclone revival represents.
And well outside of Transformers but bearing mention because – just look at this adorable thing – Good Smile Company revealed their Moderoid Gurren Lagann, chibified in the style of their well-known Nendoroid lineup.
Comics, Cartoons, and Media:
IDW have revealed their shipping list for Wednesday, July 11, and the full preview for Lost Light #19, of which we have also released a spoiler-free review. We’ve also released a spoiler-free review for the Bumblebee Movie Prequel #1.
It’s a little bit back and a little bit forward in cartoon news this week. The complete Transformers: The Movie storyboards have been released online for your immediate perusal, and an exceptionally unusual very early design for the original Bumblebee was brought to light from the depths of 1983. At the same time, Hasbro has revealed a series of character profiles in bio-card style for the Cyberverse cartoon, introducing a core cast of Autobots and Decepticons with some welcome surprises.
In gaming, Space Ape have released event details for this weekend, along with information about the new introduction of the classic fire truck Autobot Inferno and the more recently minted evil Rodimus doppelganger, Rodimus Unicronus, to the game.
Regular Items:
Check out last week’s Allspark Art Showcase for three exceptional recent pieces spanning customs and visual art as well as fanart and original concept, and stick around for a new entry tomorrow. As always, you can turn back the clock a bit further and check out last week’s Spark in Review. Finally, come let us know what you think about any news item or content we’ve covered here and let us know what you want to see more attention on on the Allspark Forums or our Discord server.