Tantrum Charges into Transformers: Forged to Fight!

Kabam has announced that the angriest, and most bull-headed, of the Decepticons’ Predacons, Tantrum, has charged straight into the battlefield in Transformers: Forged to Fight! Continue reading for a brief video showcase and details on Tantrum’s in-game abilities.

Kabam’s press release explains his abilities and stats. You can check out Tantrum’s complete game stats breakdown, as well as gameplay tips, here on the Forged to Fight website. Join the Forged to Fight conversation here in our forums! Or jump right into the live chat on our Discord server or our Facebook Group!

Faction: Decepticon | Class: Brawler
Anger is all Tantrum knows and violence is all he understands, so don’t expect to find reason or measure in his actions. As an ancestor of modern Predacons, Tantrum’s alternate mode serves as a good indicator of his skillset and overall bullish temperament.
Stats and Abilities:

  • Health: 1942
  • Attack: 181
  • Max Rating: 533


  • Health: 4,768
  • Attack: 385
  • Max Rating: 1,292


  • Health: 12,392
  • Attack: 1,000
  • Max Rating: 3,484

Signature Ability – Frenzy
Tantrum’s attacks become wild and unpredictable, punching through enemy defenses and ignoring their damaging debuffs.
Every 3 Melee Bonus Buffs

  • When Tantrum gains 3 Melee Bonus Buffs he gains Frenzy, granting +10~70% Critical Chance and a 20% chance to be Unblockable for 6 seconds. Additionally, when Tantrum becomes Frenzied, he Purifies all Damaging Debuffs and cannot be inflicted with further Damaging Debuffs for the duration of Frenzy.

Special Attacks:
Special 1 – Flamethrower
Tantrum is always hot headed.

  • 10% chance for each Melee Buff on Tantrum to inflict Burn, dealing heat damage equal to 50~70% of Attack Rating over 4 seconds.

Special 2 – Electro-Sword
Prepare to be jolted by the impact.

  • 10% Chance for each Melee Buff on Tantrum to Stun the opponent for 3 seconds.

Special 3 – Bull Rush
Unyielding, unblockable, and completely unstoppable.

  • Tantrum gains 3 Attack Buffs and goes Unstoppable for 7.5~9.5 seconds.

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