SDCC Preview Night Hasbro Pics – War for Cybertron, Studio Series, Cyberverse, and More

The first batch of SDCC 2018 images are in from the special preview night. We’ve got more movie Studio Series figures, War for Cybertron, Cyberverse, and an in person look at several of the convention exclusives. And as a bonus Transformers Uglydolls if that’s your thing! Continue reading and check them out!

Notable new reveals in these photos:
Studio Series

  • Deluxe Volkswagen Bumblebee
  • Blue re-deco of Stinger (with KSI Drone head?)
  • Orange re-deco of Lockdown with new HUD head and large (likely gunface) gun
  • AoE colors Ratchet
  • Retro Garage Vol. 2 with Gold VW Bee with Zauru and Decepticon Dairu re-deco

Movie Masterpiece Series

  • Ironhide

Transformers Siege: War for Cybertron Trilogy

  • Deluxe Weaponmaster Cog (Fortress Maximus’ drone buddy)
  • Voyager Optimus holding Micromaster Flak and Big Shot combined
  • Deluxe Hound holding Roadhandler and (possibly?) Swindler combined
  • Leader Ultra Magnus
  • Deluxe Sideswipe

Also confirmed by Exastiken who asked the Hasbro reps—War for Cybertron will not feature terrible foil stickers! Primus be praised! Exastiken also reports that Hasbro wants to know if fans would be interested in more combiner limbs to finish off Inferno, Elita One, and Starscream. We say: YES, PLEASE!
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Credit to Snakas for the news, Walky on the Allspark Forums, Exastiken on the Allspark Discord server, and @Optibotimus on Twitter for pointing it out, and you can get those uglydolls here!