SDCC Exclusive Throne of the Primes & Retro Rock Garage – Vol. 1 Stock Photos & HTS Release Date

Thanks to The Dandy Randy for pointing out fresh new Hasbro stock photos of the soon to be released San Diego Comic Con 2018 exclusive boxsets – Throne of the Primes featuring Optimus Primal, a beat stick, 4 Prime Masters, AND a throne & Retro Rock Garage – Vol. 1 featuring a Movieverse Bumblebee and best of all two redecos of ultra rare Japan G1 cassettes. Two weeks from now eBay is going to be flooded with tape-less Bumblebees! And best of all for all of us who can’t go to San Diego a release date of 8/13 on! Pictures & press releases below.

It’s not everyday that a robot who turns into a gorilla and rides a hoverboard becomes the leader of the Autobots. But that’s exactly what happened when Optimus Primal won the first-ever Fan Vote Prime poll. When Optimus Primal becomes a Prime, he evolves to Optimal Optimus. Celebrate the fans’ choice and the epic conclusion of the Prime Wars Trilogy with this figure that uses converting Evolution Armor to evolve from a 5.5-inch scale Optimus Primal figure to a 9-inch scale Optimal Optimus figure.
This convention edition offering is packed with special features:
4 Convention exclusive Prime Master figures: Nexus Prime, Amalgamous Prime, Prima Prime, and the legendary 13th Prime.
A Scepter of Sparks accessory: holds 4 Prime Master figures.
Halo of Primus display: holds 12 Prime Master figures. Use it to create an epic display of Prime Master power. Additional figures sold separately/subject to availability.
• Includes Leader Class Optimal Optimus figure, 4 Prime Master figures, Scepter of Sparks accessory, and instructions. Special Edition packaging that fans can only get in this version.
• Transformers: Generations Convention Exclusive Figure
• Leader Class Optimal Optimus figure features premium deco and comes in special edition throne packaging
• Comes with 4 Convention exclusive Prime Master figures, a hoverboard accessory, and a Scepter of Sparks accessory
• The 4 Prime Master figures can fit inside the Scepter of Sparks accessory
• Store Prime Master figures in the Halo of the Primus above the throne — there’s room for 12 Prime Master figures in all
• Figure scale: 9 inches
Studio Series presents Vol.1 of a totally awesome convention exclusive series. Packed with retro radness, this installment features a bodaciously Special Edition Bumblebee Gold Camaro figure and 2 dynamite dino-cassette figures, Dairu and Uruaz (the evil twin of Zauru), remixed from an ’80s Japan-only release.
Retro Rock Garage – Vol. 1 is a celebration of the Bumblebee movie and the awesomeness of cranking up some tunes as you tune up your ride. Especially if that ride is a righteous ’77 Camaro with special edition deco that converts from robot mode in 25 steps.
“Perfect soundtrack for tuning up my ’77 Chevrolet Camaro” -Charlie, Human Ally Magazine
“The movie-inspired details really come through, great one for the collection” -The Prime Times
“Wouldn’t even intercept the transmission” -Soundwave, Rolling Decepticon
“Cassettes don’t actually play music” -Disclaimer Weekly
• Includes: Bumblebee figure, 5 accessories, 2 mini-cassette figures, and instructions.
• Convention Exclusive Studio Series Deluxe Class Bumblebee figure with special edition deco
• Details, styling, and figure scale inspired by the rockin’ world of Transformers: Bumblebee
• 2 dino-cassette figures based on a classic 1980’s release, sold only in Japan
• Premium packaging inspired by old-school mix tape style
• Show off the exclusive Bumblebee figure inside a cassette-inspired Retro Rock Garage – Vol 1 display
• Figure scale: 4.5 inches
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