SDCC 2018 Throne of the Primes with Optimus Primal Official Images

Following this morning’s reveal of the exclusive Throne of the Primes Optimus Primal, we now have confirmation that it’s a SDCC exclusive as well as official images from Hasbro!

Thanks to, we have the following images and information.

The exclusive Throne of the Primes convention figure comes complete with a number of special features, making it a must-have for all Transformer fans – no matter their age! Included in the convention edition figure is:

  • Nexus Prime, Amalgamous Prime, Prima Prime and the Legendary 13th Prime Comic-Con exclusive Prime Master figures.
  • Scepter of Sparks accessory designed to hold four Prime Master figures.
  • The Halo of Primus display collectors can use to create an unforgettable display of Prime Master power thanks to the display’s ability to hold 12(!) Prime Master figures.
  • Use of converting Evolution Armor to transform the 5.5-inch scale Optimus Primal figure into a 9-inch scale Optimal Optimus figure.

Fan hoping to get their hands on the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con Generations Power of the Primes Throne of the Primes figure will be sold in limited quantities on site at Hasbro’s San Diego Comic Con Shop and online following the conclusion of the convention on Sunday, July 22.

Check out the gallery below:

Thanks to Allspark veterans Nightviper and Powered Convoy for bringing the story to our attention!
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