SDCC 2018: IDW “Transformers: Unicron and Beyond” Panel

SDCC 2018 is in full swing, and no matter how much has changed for the convention, the first C still stands for comics — and IDW brings the goods.
Per Newsarama’s coverage of the IDW “Transformers: Unicron and Beyond” panel, John Barber and the IDW team revealed a lot of interesting news about upcoming titles and developments — and the future of IDW’s Transformers comics.
Even though IDW’s current Transformers continuity is wrapping up with the Unicron event, the ending is viewed as a positive thing for the brand, indeed, a “party” — after all, not every brand gets to have an ending (just think of all the unceremoniously cancelled TV series that never got any closure). Hasbro is supporting this as well, and all had various ideas for how to go about ending the run.
To that end, the Unicron event will be marked by a number of specific developments:

  • Connected covers will feature art by James Raiz.
  • Retailer incentive covers featuring artists who’ve worked on Transformers.
  • Lost Light‘s last seven issues are the grand finale for that series.
  • Each Unicron issue will feature other Hasbro heroes like Rom and GI Joe, who are drawn into the universe-threatening conflict.
  • Optimus Prime #22 helps bridge the story between issues #20 and #21; in turn, Unicron #0 and #1 should help prepare you for OP#22.

Finally, everything’s coming up Bumblebee! A Bumblebee graphic novel aimed at kids will be released (of course there’s nothing stopping adults from enjoying this GN too), and a movie prequel series set before December’s Bumblebee film will feature Bee in a 60’s spy thriller-type story. It’s certainly a fresh take on Movie Bee, revealed in Transformers: The Last Knight to have been here since at least World War II.
On the GI Joe side of things, the panel noted strong fan response to Jamie Sullivan’s “Toys in Action” covers, and promised more for the upcoming arc. However, of greater interest might be this last bit of crossover news: upcoming for GI Joe is an Agent Helix mini-series that introduces her to the Real American Hero universe!
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