San Diego Comic-Con 2018 News and Information Master List

The fun and new sights of SDCC are about to begin and surely many a front page news post to come full of galleries of toys, Transformers and other community friendly brands too! For now we’ve prepared this useful list of the stories that got us here (including multiple Transformers toys STILL available on Amazon). And as the news begins we’ll be editing in links to all of our coverage. So if you don’t have time to follow along in real time bookmark this story and check back later in the day!
Right off we go into SDCC knowing of five big exclusives you’re going to want to know about. Exclusive Throne of the Primes Optimus Primal and Retro Rock Garage with two prehistoric G1 cassettes at SDCC itself – we’ve got stock photos. And make sure to notice that August 13th release date online at HTS! Then there’s a trio of Amazon exclusives – Punch Counterpunch, Repugnus, and Blast Off – all deluxes. You can pick them up (and a bunch of exclusive t-shirts for Transformers AND My Little Pony) right here. Or here’s the direct links to the Transformers!
Repugnus and Dastard
Blastoff and Megatronus
Punch-Counterpunch and Prima Prime
Also news and pictures from SDCC itself are already happening with the Wednesday night preview! We’ve got new Studio Series, Cyberverse, and some tiny War for Cybertron pics that seem to indicate the most G1 Ultra Magnus ever! Also pics of the previously announced G1 reissue line at Wal-Mart. Check all of the preview night Hasbro Transformers pics right here and here!
After that you’re caught up as of Thursday morning, check back throughout the day and we’ll add our latest news here all in one convenient place!
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