New Stock Images of Diaclone Battle Buffalo and Powered System Maneuver Delta

Via Snakas at Autobase Aichi, we now have official TakaraTomy stock photos for the upcoming Diaclone releases DA-28 Powered System Maneuver Delta and DA-29 Battle Buffalo!

The stock photos depict the Diaclone releases in most of their toy configurations. Interestingly, the Dianauts that are to be included with Battle Buffalo are remolded to have full helmet unlike previous releases. Thanks to retired staffer, and teleporting newshound extraordinaire, Powered Convoy for the news tips!
According to the Amazon Japan listings DA-28 Powered System Maneuver Delta is scheduled to be released November 24, 2018 and DA-29 Battle Buffalo Mk. IV <Striker> for December 22, 2018.

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