New Reissues of G1 Starscream, Devastator, and 86 Minibots Confirmed and Available for Preorder

Just over a week after listings for new reissues of several classic Generation 1 toys appeared on Walmart’s website, specialty online retailer has posted preorders for these “Vintage G1” toys!

News of these preorders was announced by RobotKingdom via their Facebook page. As was previously known, these reissues are of Starscream (who’s listed photo seems to imply he comes with the accessory of Megatron in gun mode that was first included in his 2003 Transforners Collection reissue), the Construction combiner Devastator, and the 1986 Minibots Tailgate, Swerve, Outback, and Bumblebee.
Thanks to The Randal Scandal for pointing out this development.